Saturday, November 29, 2003

The Turkey Burn 12-Hr AR (2003)

After many years of doing triathlons and just after finishing my 2nd ironman race (I would go on to finish two more), my great friend Jason introduced me to adventure racing at this race, the First Annual Turkey Burn Adventure Race.

I have no photos from this race. And I barely remember how the race went. All I know is that it was awesome. I was definitely hooked from the get go.

As I write this report, over 10 years after that race, I still love adventure racing more than any other activity. Along with the infamous Dr. Ron Eaglin, I am the only other person who has participated in all eleven Turkey Burn races to date. I hope to keep this record growing.

I've now completed over 60+ adventure races, everything from short 6-hour races to several 72-hour expedition races, and I see no end in sight.

Team Nature Calls
Team Hoof Hearted

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